About Us

This story to how we are now operating in both Australia and Nepal starts in 2015 in the Himalayas.


Interlock Construction was started by Nick Abraham in Nepal in 2015 in response to the devastating earthquake. Initially Nick started with forming a charity, From the Ground Up with the sole intent of providing aid and development for people and the construction industry in Nepal, post earthquake. 

After time passed it was realized that the thing that was most needed and sorely lacking in Nepal was the stability of a consistent job. After forming Interlock Construction in Nepal and quickly gaining success due to the quality separation between the work of Interlock and local contractors, it expanded within 6 months to employ 30 people creating environmentally friendly bricks and providing high end construction projects. 

As time progressed it was realized that for the company to provide maximum impact and be able to expand further into more remote parts of the world it would need to Headquarter in Sydney Australia and grow the business from there. 

We now exist to provide high end construction services and products for our clients both in Australia and Nepal with our main end goal to continually provide jobs and income streams for those in the developing world that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. 

We hope you enjoy your experience with us as we continue to grow as a company and impact lives around the world. 

Welcome to the Interlock journey. 

Whats the media say about Interlock?

Interlock Construction is a private residential and commercial based construction company. It is registered in both Nepal and Australia and works in tandem with each other to achieve development within people and the industry itself. It does this by providing high quality construction for its clients.

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Head Office (Australia)

Kirribilli 2061, NSW, Australila 


Calling from Overseas: +61 2 487 209 479

Standard National: 0487 209 479

Head Office (Nepal)

Sankhu, Shankarapur-10 KTM, Nepal 44600


Calling from Overseas: +977 9801822440

Standard National: 01-4450261


To apply for a job with Interlock Construction, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@interlockconstruction.co


Licence No: 335695C

Carpentry Australia No.:CA190342

PLI No: SPD013338519


Registration Number: 168298/73/074

VAT no: 605952638