Want to Help?

Whilst we are not a charity you are able to support our work financially if you wish to do so. It is important you understand that we don't rely on gifts to operate the company. We are focused on creating jobs and opportunities for people who don't have access to these opportunities. We sell our services to private and commercial clients in Nepal who employ us to construct large or medium sized scale projects. We also create environmentally friendly brick products which are also for sale and use on our projects. The more we sell the more jobs we make and in turn the more lives we are able to grant opportunity for change.  Your financial contribution's use is explained below. 

Thanks for your support! 

If you have any queries regarding your gift please send an email to info@interlockconstruction.co. Your gifts are not tax deductible as we are a registered company (commonly referred to as a business for purpose or social enterprise). As stated above we are not a charity and are in no way affiliated or involved in traditional charitable activities. We approach development and the issues surrounding it in a very different way. Your gifts are used as capital injections to be able to obtain more work and start more brick factories to create jobs. Your injections help us scale our work and have larger scale impact globally. We will continue to grow regardless. Your money accelerates that growth. If you believe in our work you are welcome to contribute to the cause financially but are by no means obligated too. 

Giving money not your thing? That's okay there are other ways to help! 

Q: How can we help if its not giving money? 

A: We are a business and run off obtaining projects. If you have various connections who are constructing large scale developments in various countries you can direct them to our website and we can assist them in both the feasibility studies regarding their investment's as well as the physical construction projects. We are not bound by area as we are well connected globally in the construction Industry. These jobs that we obtain allow us to employ more people. 

Q: How can you do the work you do but not be a charity? 

A: We're a business set on doing our work in a way that takes care of all its stakeholders. In reality we're just an example of what we hope will be common practice amongst business's as the world progresses. You share this message for us and you're effectively helping to create perceptions towards the change we're working so hard for. You can do this through Interlock or follow our affiliated change making partner From the Ground Up. Continue to follow our work and share the content that we post. 

Q: Is there any other ways to get involved that don't involve just 'sharing' the work you're doing?

A: Yes. Share the journey with us instead. Apply for a job as they become available. Keep up to date with the job sections here. International Internships are available as well as in country full time work positions. 

Interlock Construction is a private residential and commercial based construction company. It is registered in both Nepal and Australia and works in tandem with each other to achieve development within people and the industry itself. It does this by providing high quality construction for its clients.

Head Office (Australia)

Kirribilli 2061, NSW, Australila 


Calling from Overseas: +61 2 487 209 479

Standard National: 0487 209 479

Head Office (Nepal)

Sankhu, Shankarapur-10 KTM, Nepal 44600


Calling from Overseas: +977 9801822440

Standard National: 01-4450261


To apply for a job with Interlock Construction, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@interlockconstruction.co


Licence No: 335695C

Carpentry Australia No.:CA190342

PLI No: SPD013338519


Registration Number: 168298/73/074

VAT no: 605952638