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Interlocking Bricks post 2015 earthquake have started to be implemented throughout Nepal. They are quickly proving to be a popular product within the market and are rapidly replacing the use of traditional fired bricks. These bricks boast compression strengths of up to 5Mpa, are cement based and stabilized providing strong non fired bricks that are completely weather proof. They are ideal for disaster prone areas and disaster recovery efforts as a reconstruction due to the quick and easy nature of assembling interlocking brick structures. 

Hollow Interlocking Bricks made by Interlock Construction boast the following benefits: 

  1. Affordable construction material saving you up to 30% of your total construction bill!

  2. Waterproof

  3. Excellent Thermal Mass properties meaning that your building is kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

  4. No need for plaster or rendering of any surface. Each brick locks itself in and is perfect to 0.5mm every single time. We assure perfect quality on every single brick we send out of the factory.  

We have various types of bricks available for purchase all necessary to complete the structure in the best and most efficient way possible. 

4/4 Running Brick

This is our main brick that is required in the construction of our structures. Notches in the end and the base of the brick allow for mortar to easily spread through the courses both vertically and horziontally after the bricks have been stacked. This design is one of the most superior of its kind in Nepal. 

1/2 Brick 

Half Bricks are used where windows and door jambs go to create a finished end. 

Beam Brick

Beam bricks are used essentially as a form working component allowing us to pour concrete inside it and reinforce a tie beam around the structure horizontally and vertically. 

Finished End Bricks

The same size and design as our common full bricks. The only difference with this block is that one end has a smooth and full finished face to it. This is for creating finished corner details. 

Interlock Construction is a private residential and commercial based construction company. It is registered in both Nepal and Australia and works in tandem with each other to achieve development within people and the industry itself. It does this by providing high quality construction for its clients.

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