Managing Director 

As Founder of Interlock Construction in both Nepal and Australia Nick brings to the table a wealth of passion and skill that is the driving force of the company.
Having over 10 years experience in the industry and a passion for the development of the sector, Interlock under Nick’s leadership is well positioned to achieve both satisfied
customers and personnel.


Head of Design

Troy joined Interlock to complement the in house design team. He brings over 10 years of industry experience working with Design services practices all over the world from Sydney, Newcastle, London & Spain. This wide range of exposure to projects varying in scale has given Troy a solid knowledge base
to inform design from initial concepts through to detailing and overseeing construction.


Site Manager

Having joined the interlock team as a subcontractor in 2019, Michael progressed to site foreman, bringing with him over 8 years of knowledge and experience in residential building. His primary focuses include keeping an efficient team, making sure jobs run smoothly and most importantly keeping clients informed and happy.


Michael's passion for building is always evident in the high quality of work that is produced, and is always willing to go the extra mile in effort to get things done.


Always keeping busy though you can usually pick him out on site from his out of tune singing. 



Landed in the big southern island in May 2014 with a backpack and an ambition to build stages for rock bands around the globe, Kaho has never imagined herself working in residential & commercial construction sites 6 years later. 

Kaho picked up carpentry skills and a bit of an Aussie accent along the way, joined Interlock Construction after working with Nick on various projects.  

Ever since, she has been showing up every morning ready for hard work, and enjoying seeing projects getting done from the beginning to the end. She looks forward to the day she becomes an Australian Resident and strives to make it happen. Kaho also moonlights honing her design skills with night courses such as drafting and building design. 


Trade Assistant

Trained as a robotics and software engineer, Nick has worked for a decade in the varied worlds of Radar and sonar systems, experimental automation and high-frequency trading. In 2018-19 he was drawn to construction by a desire to contribute more directly to society - in particular via a focus on the use of sustainable, environmentally-conscious materials and building techniques. Since then, he has been working in structural landscaping and carpentry-based roles, learning a range of building skills, and applying some of his engineering background to the work that the team performs. Nick believes that tiny houses - or the thinking behind them - will probably save the world, likes running and swimming in his spare time, and has a small pet cactus.


Interlock Construction is a private Architecture & Construction company working in Residential & Commercial sectors. It is registered in both Australia & Nepal working in tandem with each other to achieve development within people and the industry itself. It does this by providing high quality construction and architecture services for its clients.

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Head Office (Australia)

Forward Mail too: 

PO OX 493

Milsons Point, NSW,  1565 Australia

Standard National:

0487 209 479

Calling from Overseas:

+61 2 487 209 479

Head Office (Nepal)

Sankhu, Shankarapur-10 KTM, Nepal 44600

Standard National:


Calling from Overseas:

+977 9801822440


To apply for a job with Interlock Construction, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:



Licence No: 344548C

Carpentry Australia No.: CA190342

MBA No.: 3504486

Nominated Qualified Supervisor: 335695C

Nominated Architect: Troy Newman. No: 10699

ABN: 58 631 997 763​

PLI No: SPD013338519


Registration Number: 168298/73/074

VAT no: 605952638