Interlock Construction Australia in conjunction with Interlock Construction in Nepal has been approved to bring Nepali citizens to Australia who fulfill the following requirements: 


  1. Can prove 2 years of relevant construction based experience with Interlock Construction in Nepal 

  2. Can prove that they fulfill the minimum English Requirements

  3. Have a Certificate 3 in Carpentry (Nationally recognized Australian Qualification) 

  4. Have up to 2 years of financial records. 


Interlock Construction Australia will be assisting applicants in achieving all of the above criteria for those who wish to come and work in the Australian branch of Interlock Construction. 


We are providing Work Options in Australia for the following positions and Locations: 


  • Carpenter (Sydney, NSW Australia) 

  • Labourer (Sydney, NSW Australia) 

  • Carpenter (Orange, NSW Australia)


This is an application process and the number of applicants depends on the number of construction based contracts we obtain in both Nepal and Australia. You will be formally trained and qualified in Nepal before coming to work in Australia.  

Please click on the PDF below for all costing information and requirements. 

If you are interested in applying please fill out the form and one of our team members will be in touch with you. We will only email candidates who present themselves as having the correct requirements or capacity to obtain the requirements to come and work with Interlock in Australia. 

Get in touch about working in Australia with Interlock!

Interlock Construction is a private residential and commercial based construction company. It is registered in both Nepal and Australia and works in tandem with each other to achieve development within people and the industry itself. It does this by providing high quality construction for its clients.

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Head Office (Australia)

Kirribilli 2061, NSW, Australila

Calling from Overseas: +61 2 487 209 479

Standard National: 0487 209 479

Head Office (Nepal)

Sankhu, Shankarapur-10 KTM, Nepal 44600

Calling from Overseas: +977 9801822440

Standard National: 01-4450261


To apply for a job with Interlock Construction, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


Licence No: 335695C

Carpentry Australia No.:CA190342

PLI No: SPD013338519


Registration Number: 168298/73/074

VAT no: 605952638